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Getting Started

Child Theme Support

Please follow the links in order. Should you require further support with setting up your child theme, please contact us. Please ensure that your query is child theme specific as we only offer support on your purchased child theme.

To add your text and images, please refer to the Elegant themes website for more information. Please remember to enable the Divi Builder on all pages and posts unless otherwise stated.

Home Page Set Up:


  1. Go to the Bloom set up on the WordPress dashboard
  2. Upload the Bloom .json file found in your child theme download folder by using the Divi Import function as follows:

  1. Add your Mailchimp account to the Bloom set up panel. You can follow the instructions on how to do this on the Bloom set up tutorial    
  2. The shortcode that is generated needs to be copied and pasted into the Bloom widget on the Home Page.
  3. Add the shortcode to the text area as shown in the following image. You only need to do this once, as the module is set to ‘Global’ and it will automatically set the form as set up in the Bloom Customiser.

Leave the Instagram code as is, as the shortcode has been entered to show 20 images in 10 columns. If you wish to change this, go to the Instagram customiser and select another shortcode that you wish to use and insert into the code module on the home page.