10 stunning colour palettes to inspire your new 2017 blog



One of the best aspects of design is choosing a colour palette. Usually colour palettes that we use here at Pretty Web Design is inspired by photographs and with this in mind, this leads us to branding  with respect to logo design.

We have put together 10 colour palettes that you can use in our next design project. Each colour palette has been carefully chosen but you can always spice it up a little with colours close to the actual palette. The hex codes are detailed for you to use –  Use your imagination! Use the colours for new accents on your blog headers, widget titles…the possibilities are endless

10 stunning colour palettes to inspire your new blog

Gently Pink

A soft and gentle pink in varying shades darkening with a mauve hue – pretty and feminine and perfect for a blog or photography website.

custom feminine divi website templates

Marvellous Green

A wonderful warm colour combination of subtle grey, tan, pink and a dusty green.

custom feminine divi website templates

Grey on pink

Grey always looks good together with pink. A touch of green as seen in the above colour palette would accentuate the pink and grey.

custom feminine divi website templates

Bright and breezy

A super bright colour palette for a mom blog or a blog about children. Fun and playful – Happy! We love happy 🙂

custom feminine divi website templates

Fresh aqua

Love this fresh colour palette. Soft and pretty and would look great with masses of white space.

custom feminine divi website templates

Mystic lilac

Another pink styled colour palette with tinges of lilac and beige.

custom feminine divi website templates

Foodie Fundie

A bright colour palette that will accentuate the colours found in your imagery.

custom feminine divi website templates

Gorgeous, shy blush

So pretty and one of our favourites.

custom feminine divi website templates

Rustic red

A warm and inviting colour palette for any type of blog.

custom feminine divi website templates

Stunning blue

Greece always brings out the blue. The harmony of the blue and white colour palette brings you a clean and fresh look. Sparkling!

custom feminine divi website templates
From my cyber desk, a virtual hug from me to you and thank you for reading my post.



If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a comment. Just want to say ‘hi’? The comment section is waiting and we will reply!


  1. edira

    Gorgeous palettes! I was just thinking to create my blog palettes. Really loving the pink on grey! <3

  2. Sara Calinas

    Ooooh the tricky part is choosing which one! I’m still working on my palettes for my blog and it’s difficult to decide. Mine is a big of everything sort of blog so any one would do! Thank you for sharing <3

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