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Divi child theme development

How do Divi child theme developers arrive at the price tag on a website theme?


I saw this question posted in one of the Facebook groups I follow today. The person asking the question could not fathom the price tag that another Divi child theme developer had applied to his product. Personally, I thought the price tag was fair, but again I am a website designer and a child theme developer – I have earned my stripes to fully understand how a website is put together.

First of all, theme development is hard work. It can take an extraordinary amount of time to produce a child theme that is coded to industry standards. The look of the website is important, but what goes on behind the scenes is what can make or break a website in terms of search engine ranking, website speed, functionality and the end user experience.

I use the Divi theme as my theme development framework. I use this theme, as it is built on rock solid coding and has earned a reputation in the design circles as one of the leading themes available. As a cybernerd who is fascinated with all things digital, I am now also stepping into child theme development with the Genesis theme, another exceptional framework.

I am always learning. The internet changes daily. There are parent theme updates, WordPress updates, plugin updates and therefore child themes that have been developed that need to be upgraded, along side the learning curve as to the new functionality of the mentioned updates.

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How I start off developing a Divi child theme


It all starts off with an idea. I see the end presentation of the idea in digital form.

I always follow a cycle of action:

  1. WordPress installation
  2. Divi theme installation
  3. Child theme intallation
  4. Fonts inclusion
  5. Branding of the child theme
  6. Image creation and/or selection
  7. Plugin Installation
  8. Sample Pages and blog posts creation
  9. Layout Creation
  10. Menu creation
  11. CSS coding and any php changes that need to be done
  12. Optimising the website for mobile
  13. Optimising website speed
  14. Creating the child theme package
  15. Creation of documentation specific to the child theme
  16. Launch

So you can see, the cycle of action is a lengthy one and each individual action has to be correct.

I try to write the documentation related to the child theme for the layman -for people who have limited knowledge of website development. There are two reasons I do this:

  1. It cuts down on support time
  2. It assists the user to easily achieve the end product that they would have seen on the demo.


Why DIY websites are a cheaper option

A child theme is a custom designed website.

When you buy a child theme, you are not only buying years of expertise, but you are buying a fully functional custom website – one, that if you follow the instructions on the documentation carefully, you will have the ‘look’ of what you imagined for your digital representation of your business on the web.

Child themes save you time and money. A website designer can cost you thousands, a child theme with a little effort can obviously reduce that cost. A child theme saves you time in terms of not having to convey your ideas to a web designer, which you then have to review and request any changes you may want.

Child theme developers are often very quick to respond to any support questions you may have, but in many cases on purchase of your child theme, you are up and running very quickly as the documentation has been well thought out and planned.

I see many people buying the Divi theme and calling themselves web designers, producing websites that are extremely similar to the layout options offered on the parent theme purchase and charging a small fortune for this service. Anybody can install a theme and call themselves a web designer, but you pay for what you get.

By all means, if this is what you want, then who am I to say you shouldn’t, but if you are looking for a quick solution that gives you less hassle, saves you time, money and headaches and you can actually see what your sleek new website will look like, then I would say go for a child theme. Child themes are actually worth their weight in gold.

From my cyber desk, a virtual hug from me to you and thank you for reading my post.



If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a comment. Just want to say ‘hi’? The comment section is waiting and we will reply!


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So, what happens now? I just bought a theme? Now what?

You will receive a download file. You need to extract the contents of the file and open the PDF file. This file will tell you where to go next, to get your Divi child theme installed on your domain. Follow the online instructions and you will have your website up and running in no time!

What's in it for you

Features of Divi

The Power of WordPress

WordPress powers 30% of the internet today! We build our themes for self hosted websites, built on WordPress, the market leader in content management systems.

We Love Divi!

And so will you! Divi is one of the most purchased frameworks on the net. There is masses of information available for you to learn the nuts and bolts of using Divi.


Thoughtful Custom Design

We don't make cookie cutter themes! We build our themes from the ground up, offering you a near custom design experience! It's like having your own web designer at a fraction of the cost!

Drag & Drop

Want to make a quick layout change? You can drag and drop the Divi modules. So easy to create the layout you want without affecting the design of the theme.

Fully Mobile Responsive

We have done all the coding to ensure that our designs look fab on all devices. Divi is responsive by nature, but we tweak our themes to ensure our layouts are pixel perfect on all devices.

Visual Builder

You can actually see your changes! See your website take shape in real time with the built in Divi visual builder. It's some kind of awesome!


Online Documentation

There is masses of it! Detailed step by step instructions to get your theme up and running - quickly! Need help? Ask us or ask the fabulous online Divi community. Oh so helpful!


We offer Stellar Support

We are known to go the extra mile to help our customers, so we are literally just an email away. We pride ourselves in helping and giving back where we can to help you be successful in your business!

More questions?


Are your designs exclusive?

Yes, we build our child themes from the ground up. We also offer our child themes for sale on a limited basis.

Do I need Divi?

Yes, you do. Divi is the parent theme and the child theme runs on the code of Divi. When a parent theme is updated, the child theme remains as is, so you never lose the customisation of your website.

How many times can I use the theme?

The theme is yours to use on unlimited domains that are registered in your name, but we would ask that you not give the theme to a third party, as we are a small business and we need to pay for our coffee somehow. Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.

Can I change the fonts & colours?

Yes, you can. Most of the styling is done in the customiser and the Divi modules. However, we do include some of the styling in the stylesheet, but you can always contact us to guide you on how to change colours and fonts.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don’t, because we have done all the coding – so what you see on the demo is what you get in terms of layout and styling.

Can you customise the theme?

Yes, we can. All you have to do is contact us and we will supply you with a quote for additional custom design work.

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we do. We offer full installation of the theme at your domain which will look exactly like the demo. Once complete, all you have to do is upload your text and images. We also recommend using our installation service, so that your website will be up and running with minimal effort on your part!

Do you have online documentation?

We absolutely do! We have step by step tutorials available from start to finish, so that you can get your website up and running quickly.

I'm stuck!I need help!

We offer first class support on our child themes, but we do not offer support on the parent theme, Divi. We try and answer our  support emails as soon as we can, which is usually immediately or within an hour or two. We pride ourselves on our customer service, as we wish to offer you a seamless experience in using our themes.