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Blog Post Set Up

Blog Post Set Up:


Go to Posts add new and load the blog post layout you require.

At the top right, you will see a block as per the following diagram whereby you must select ‘full page width’ and hide the ‘post header’ before publishing. This will ensure that the custom sidebar is shown on the front end.


Set the featured image. (We have locked the ‘Post Title’ as this will automatically be set with the featured image and post title.

Enter your text, images and headings as per the layout and add the media gallery/s from JetPack.

Remember to save each module as you go along and when you have completed this, publish your post. Should you choose not to have as many text areas, delete the module as required.

In addition, it is important to set the same categories you created in the  category menu area, so that these categories can be allocated in the blog module on the pages. Set these by going to Posts >> Categories.