Kendal Documentation

Widget Set Up

Widget Set Up:


The theme has 5 widget area’s:

About Me Set Up:


  1. Name the widget
  2. Copy and paste the following into the top of the text area and set the image heights to 300 and 400px and set the image url from the WordPress Media file.

<img src=”http://your–goes-here.png” height=”300px”width=”400px” />

3. Set the drop cap shortcode to the first letter of your text: [drop cap]X[/drop cap] (Marked with an X.)

Bloom Set Up:


The Elegant themes tutorial can be accessed here on how to set up each of these.   If you are using Mailchimp, go to the theme options page and add your authorisation key first. This will connect the Bloom widget to Mailchimp.

Import the Bloom json file included in your theme purchase and save.

bloomset import

You will have already uploaded the Bloom plugin and this should already be activated.

In order to set this up, follow this tutorial:

Instagram Set Up:


Set the Instagram feed as per the following image:  (Height of feed: 375 px, columns 3, photos 9. Uncheck all boxes and save.)



Recent Posts Set Up:


Add the recent posts widget found on on the left and name the widget.



Category Set Up:


Add a custom menu here and add the menu that you created for your categories.