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Home Page, Shop & Blog Post set up

Child Theme Support

Please follow the links in order. Should you require further support with setting up your child theme, please contact us. Please ensure that your query is child theme specific as we only offer support on your purchased child theme. To add your text and images, please refer to the Elegant themes website for more information. Please remember to enable the Divi Builder on all pages and posts unless otherwise stated.

Home Page set up:


Adjust the two ‘call to action’ areas as required


Custom Footer: 

****The following is for Divi 3 users, scroll down for those users usings Divi 4+****

You will only have to change two area’s on the custom footer as mentioned below. This procedure will only have to be done once, as this is a global module and changes made to this area will affect all other pages/categories that have the global module loaded.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page (Green area – this is a global module and custom footer)

First text block: Add text as required.

Second text block (In the middle at the bottom marked ‘text’)

Set your logo in the WordPress wyzywig area.

**** Divi 4 users*****

The footer can be edited in the Theme Buider screen, where it shows Footer (in green)

Divi >> Theme Builder >> Footer




if you do not plan on having a shop, delete the module.

The shop layout will automatically set itself up if you have used the Woocommerce set up wizard. You dont have to do anything here, unless you want to set the shop categories to your own selection.

Please view the Woocommerce documentation here