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Page & Menu Set Up

Child Theme Support

Please follow the links in order. Should you require further support with setting up your child theme, please contact us. Please ensure that your query is child theme specific as we only offer support on your purchased child theme. To add your text and images, please refer to the Elegant themes website for more information. Please remember to enable the Divi Builder on all pages and posts unless otherwise stated.

Pages Set Up:

Go to Pages on the left hand side bar of the WordPress installation. There will be a page called Sample Page, delete this.

Now we are ready to set up the pages.

  • Go to Pages  >> Add new >> Create page
  • Enable the Divi Builder

At the top of the builder you will see this:


Go to ‘Load from Library and select the page layout required for the relevant page.

Add all your pages, one by one and load the related page layouts as per the above. Remember to publish each page as you go along.


*** If you have used the WordPress importer to import the demo content of the theme, all you need do is select the allocation of the two menu’s at the bottom of the page****  


Menu Set Up:

This theme has 2 menus:

  1. Top Menu
  2. Secondary Menu

Go to Appearance >> Menu’s.

  • Create a new menu and name the menu, (We named this menu Top Menu)
  • hit save
  • add the pages you wish to appear in the main header.
  • At the bottom of the screen click Theme Location >> Primary Menu >> Save


Create a second menu ((We named this menu (Secondary Menu)

  • Create a new menu,
  • Add your social media accounts to the custom links area
  • Under the CSS option insert ‘social-menu’ a per the following image.
  • Add the following codes to the beginning of the menu (in the Navigation Label)


  • <i class=”fab fa-facebook-square”></i> Facebook
  • <i class=”fab fa-instagram”></i> Instagram
  • <i class=”fab fa-pinterest”></i> Pinterest
  • <i class=”fab fa-twitter”></i> Twitter


  • At the bottom of the screen click Theme Location >> Secondary Menu >> Save



If you get stuck setting up the menu’s, visit this link for a tutorial on how to set up your menu in WordPress.

Now that the menu is set up, we need to set a static front page.

Go to Theme Customiser and select Static Front page, set the Front Page display to ‘Static Page’ and select the home page of your choice in the drop down box of the ‘Front Page’. Then save.