Passion Documentation

Child Theme Support

Please follow the links in order. Should you require further support with setting up your child theme, please contact us. Please ensure that your query is child theme specific as we only offer support on your purchased child theme. To add your text and images, please refer to the Elegant themes website for more information. Please remember to enable the Divi Builder on all pages and posts unless otherwise stated.

Simple Social Icons

The setting for the icons are as follows: 

Icon background colour: #a17b62

Icon hover colour: #e1ad95

Set the widget up as follows: 

Setting up the footer nav bar:

At the bottom of the widgets page, you will see ‘Create custom sidebar’

  • Add a sidebar named Custom footer
  • Drag the menu created for the footer pages from the navigation widget.
  • If the widget is not showing, go to the Theme builder, select Sidebar and allocate the menu in the module.
  • Save the page and the nav bar will show in the footer

Instagram Feed: 

  • Select Instagram on the WordPress Menu on the left. 
  • Add your Instagram account by pressing the blue button and follow the prompts.
  • Save the page. 
  • At the top on the second tab, go to ‘Customize’ and set the settings as per the following image: 

  • Uncheck all check boxes further down the page and save the page at the bottom.