12 hour Theme Installation & Customisation



Theme Installation & Customisation

We do a lot of styling when we design our themes and sometimes the styling is not always easy for the WordPress novice to change, especially when it comes to stylesheet changes. The service we offer here does all of this for you. We will change the colours to your exact branding in terms of colours, logo and favicon, so you are ready to get going with your new website.

Whats included:

  • Installation of your Pretty Web Design chosen theme
  • Customisation of the colours you require
  • Changing of fonts (Google fonts only)
  • Installation of plugins used on our demo
  • Installation of your logo and favicon, supplied by yourself.
  • Your theme will be set up at your domain and it will be live on the net.
  • We will send a confirmation email once the process is completed.

We will require you to send us the exact hex values of the required colour changes and also your logo and favicon.

We will need you to supply us with the domain url and we will require a WordPress login to the website (with full admin rights), so that we will be able to complete this installation. We will require a WordPress user to be set up by yourselves, which can be deleted by yourselves after the installation is complete, so as to ensure the security and integrity of your website.


We cannot offer any customisations in terms of additional modules or pages etc, but we will have your theme installed with all the demo content that can be seen on our website with your chosen colours, fonts etc .

We will not enter into any correspondence regarding this setup, so please read and understand our terms and obligations to you if you purchase this package. You will need to purchase the Divi theme and also a theme of your choosing additional to this product.

£ 300.00

Just in case

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So, what happens now? I just bought a Divi Child Theme? Now what?


You will receive a download file. You need to extract the contents of the file and open the read more PDF file. This file will tell you where to go next, to get your Divi child theme installed on your domain. Follow the online instructions and you will have your website up and running in no time! We are also available to either chat to you via the chat bot on our website or send us an email and we will come back to you as soon as we receive your mail.

What's in it for you

Features of using the Divi Theme

The Power of WordPress

WordPress powers 30% of the internet today! We build our themes for self hosted websites, built on WordPress, the market leader in content management systems.

We Love Divi!

And so will you! Divi is one of the most purchased frameworks on the net. There is masses of information available for you to learn the nuts and bolts of using Divi.

Thoughtful Custom Design

We don't make cookie cutter themes! We build our themes from the ground up, offering you a near custom design experience! It's like having your own web designer at a fraction of the cost!

Drag & Drop

Want to make a quick layout change? You can drag and drop the Divi modules. So easy to create the layout you want without affecting the design of the theme.

Fully Mobile Responsive

We have done all the coding to ensure that our designs look fab on all devices. Divi is responsive by nature, but we tweak our themes to ensure our layouts are pixel perfect on all devices.

Visual Builder

You can actually see your changes! See your website take shape in real time with the built in Divi visual builder. It's some kind of awesome!

Online Documentation

There is masses of it! Detailed step by step instructions to get your theme up and running - quickly! Need help? Ask us or ask the fabulous online Divi community. Oh so helpful!

We offer Stellar Support

We are known to go the extra mile to help our customers, so we are literally just an email away. We pride ourselves in helping and giving back where we can to help you be successful in your business!

A little love from our clients

What they are saying...

Tasha Newland

Truly extraordinary, Sarah has been amazing. Highly recommended in every way. Templates are brilliant, they make life easier within your business, and her support is outstanding. Thanks Sarah for everything you have done for The Hampshire Wedding Club.

~  thehampshireweddingclub.co.uk ~

Le Bohemian Barn

Amazing Themes and superlative customer service .... i would work with this store again in a heartbeat. The installation and responses from the store were very prompt and friendly. Thanks again for all your help.

Reilly Armstrong

This, 100% honestly, has proved to be the best money I have spent while designing my website. I am IN LOVE with this theme, and to say the customer service is great would be an absolute understatement. Pretty Web Design has been THE BEST company I have ever worked with. All of my questions were answered like immediately!! I cannot say enough good things. And thanks again PWD for all your help and support!.

~  Renegade Theme ~

More questions about our Divi Child Themes?

Faq's about our Divi Themes

Are your designs exclusive?

Yes, we build our child themes from the ground up. We also offer our child themes for sale on a limited basis. Please note that due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.

Do I need Divi?

Yes, you do. Divi is the parent theme and the child theme runs on the code of Divi - you must therefore have a licence for Divi from Elegant Themes. When a parent theme is updated, the child theme remains as is, so you never lose the customisation of your website.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don’t, because we have done all the coding – so what you see on the demo is what you get in terms of layout and styling.

How many times can I use the theme?

The child theme is yours to use on unlimited domains that are registered in your name, but we would ask that you not give the theme to a third party, as we are a small business and we need to pay for our coffee somehow.

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we do. We offer full installation of the theme at your domain which will look exactly like the demo. Once complete, all you have to do is upload your text and images. We also recommend using our installation service, so that your website will be up and running with minimal effort on your part!

I’m stuck!I need help!

We offer first class support on our child themes, but we do not offer support on the parent theme, Divi. We try and answer our  support emails as soon as we can, which is usually immediately or within an hour or two. We pride ourselves on our customer service, as we wish to offer you a seamless experience in using our themes.

Do you have online documentation?

We absolutely do! We have step by step tutorials available from start to finish, so that you can get your website up and running quickly.

Can I change the fonts & colours?

Yes, you can. Most of the styling is done in the customiser and the Divi modules. However, we do include some of the styling in the stylesheet, but you can always contact us to guide you on how to change colours and fonts.

Can you customise the theme?

Yes, we can. All you have to do is contact us and we will supply you with a quote for additional custom design work.

Custom websites designed by Divi Professional designers

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We love Divi and Divi is here to stay. The Divi Theme is a solid web design framework developed by industry experts.  We provide a full custom website design experience using the Divi framework as our parent theme of choice and create custom designed websites in the form of a child theme. We just do all the tech – custom website design at a tenth of the price.

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