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Sarah’s Blog Widget Set Up


Child Theme Support

Please follow the links in order. Should you require further support with setting up your child theme, please contact us. Please ensure that your query is child theme specific as we only offer support on your purchased child theme. To add your text and images, please refer to the Elegant themes website for more information. Please remember to enable the Divi Builder on all pages and posts unless otherwise stated.

Bloom Set Up:


The Elegant themes tutorial can be accessed here on how to set up each of these.   If you are using Mailchimp, go to the theme options page and add your authorisation key first. This will connect the Bloom widget to Mailchimp.

Import the Bloom json file included in your theme purchase and save.

bloomset import

Use the following to set the plugin up:

You will have already uploaded the Bloom plugin and this should already be activated.

In order to set this up, follow this tutorial:

Set the optin type to widget on the settings page.

Set the options on the ‘Design your optin’ page as per the following screen shot. If you wish to use the colours of the demo use #f5f5f5  for the background colour and form background colour and ##d7e1e5 for the button colour. You can change the colours to anything you would like. The colours we have used are a guideline.


Sidebar Set Up:


Go to Appearance >> Widgets

Add the following widgets to the Sidebar with 2 custom widget areas – please name these custom widget areas as shown as the theme will pull the information from the widget set up:

  1. Text Widget for the about you area
  2. Lightweight Social Icon widget
  3. Bloom Subscribe
  4. Recent posts widget
  5. ET Adsense widget
  6. Custom Menu

Remember to give your widgets a title.

About you widget (1. Text widget)

Title your widget with your text

Add the following code

<img src=”http://www. YOUR IMAGE URL GOES HERE .jpg” height=”300px”width=”425px” />

  1. Change the  http://www. YOUR IMAGE URL GOES HERE .jpg with the url of the photo you wish to use (see media library)
  2. Ensure the height and width are height 300px and width 425px

Croissant I love cake soufflé tart cheesecake pudding jelly beans. Croissant I love cake soufflé tart cheesecake pudding jelly beans.



Lightweight Social Icons Widget: 

Set the widget up as per the following diagram. The theme colours are as follows:

Background colour: #d7e1e5

Hover background colour: ##8697df

Add your social media links as required. We have used the # tag for demo purposes


Bloom Widget: (Add this widget with the same settings to sidebar)

Add the Bloom widget that you created in the Bloom set up:



Add the recent posts default widget


We have included a picture on our theme demo, but you are welcome to add your Adsense code here instead


Add a custom menu widget and select the CUSTOM PAGE menu that was created in the page & menu set up tutorial.




Instagram Set Up:


Go to the Instagram settings and follow the plug in instructions on the first tab using the wizard to connect your Instagram account.

Save these settings.

Next go to the Customize tab and configure the settings as per the following image.

  • Set the ‘Height of feed’ at 150px
  • The number of photo’s at 8 and number of columns at 8.
  • Set the photo at thumbnail 150px x 150px
  • Uncheck all other settings
  • Save