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We understand that every business is as unique as you are and we know for certain that getting the ‘look’ of your website just right, is top of the list for you. We offer three different options of additional services to help you get your business up and running in the shortest possible time.
Quick, easy installation of a theme of your choice
Theme installation plus custom colours to suit your branding
Complete custom design of our Divi Child Theme
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Additional services

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Theme & Installation

The installation process can be time consuming, especially if you are new to WordPress and Divi. We offer a full installation of the theme of your choice at your self hosted domain. We do allow 12 hours to get this done for you, but usually we will complete the installation within 3 hours. The final product will look exactly like the demo, so all you have to do is upload your text and images.

Quick, easy and effective to get your website up on the go in the shortest space of time!


Theme & Customisation

We get that not everybody knows how CSS and HTML work. Understanding the tech behind a website is our job, so we offer you, an add on to our installation service – customisation of the theme. We customise the stylesheet to your exact branding colours, upload your logo and favicon. All you need to do is supply us with your logo, the colours you need and hey ho presto, we will get this done.

Usually the customisation of the theme will be completed within the same time frame as the installation, providing we have exact details regarding your customisation.


Full Web Design Experience

Do, you need us to complete your complete new website? The process is easy! We will follow the same process as the theme customisation, then request from you all your content and images.

If you need to add any additional pages or modules we will send you a quote. You get the full design experience at the fraction of the cost of a complete design.

A little love from our customers

What they are saying…

Tasha Newland

Truly extraordinary, Sarah has been amazing. Highly recommended in every way. Templates are brilliant, they make life easier within your business, and her support is outstanding. Thanks Sarah for everything you have done for The Hampshire Wedding Club.

~ ~

Reilly Armstrong

This, 100% honestly, has proved to be the best money I have spent while designing my website. I am IN LOVE with this theme, and to say the customer service is great would be an absolute understatement. Pretty Web Design has been THE BEST company I have ever worked with. All of my questions were answered like immediately!! I cannot say enough good things.
And thanks again PWD for all your help and support!.

~  Renegade Theme ~